Divorce your partner
not your money

It’s happening. 
Work with us to get the settlement you deserve.

Divorce your partner not your money

It’s happening. Work with us to get the settlement you deserve. 

Who we work with

Most of our clients come to us needing financial advice and assistance before, during or after their divorce. 

Maybe you haven’t made the decision yet, but you want financial advice on how divorce will impact your future.

You may be starting, or part way through – but you want to know you are getting the best financial advice before you sign on the dotted line.

You are working with your former spouse to and your respective lawyers in a collaborative process and want to be sure you are getting in-the-moment financial advice throughout the entire process.

You have a business (or businesses) multiple real estate properties, executive compensations or other things that add complexity to your divorce and you need to be sure everything is properly evaluated and there will be no financial “surprises” after all is said and done. 

You and your former spouse require sensitivity around your circumstance and you need specialized advice.

You have elected to pursue mediation and/or arbitration to work amicably with our spouse and avoid the costly court process. Great! We can work with just you or you and your spouse along with the mediation and arbitration experts so that you KNOW that what looks good on paper, looks good in practice. 

You need in the moment answers for your clients financial questions, exhibits for your affidavits, and documentation to support your legal arguments… We do that. 


Our Services

There are so many ways that we can help you secure your future. 

What does a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist do?

Did you know it takes an average of five years to recover financially from divorce? Every decision you make impacts your future. This is no different when it comes to your finances. 

They say that time changes things,

but you actually have to change them yourself.

- Andy Warhol