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Every divorce is different. Book a consultation with a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS) to get the answers you need.


Lindsay Sparrow MBA, CFP, CDFA

Lindsay would describe herself as hardworking and dedicated, while others may refer to her as a hard-ass that doesn’t like to lose. As a relentless advocate for her clients, she will work tirelessly to ensure the financial success of her clients. Lindsay understands that it is your hard earned dollars and future on the line. Through her nearly two decades of experience she has repeatedly seen her clients go through the major life transition of divorce and often, her clients did not receive the financial settlement that they needed or deserved. It was this that pushed her to pursue the Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist designation. Her priority is to provide no-nonsense clarity around the finances and division of assets, as well as provide customized financial advice to every individual client.

Lindsay has built a reputation as being THE wealth Advisor to women and is an unapologetic ambassador for the female investor and divorcee. Although 50% of her clients are men, she makes sure not to forget about the unique needs and challenges women face.

Lindsay not only holds an MBA in Finance from Dalhousie University; she will begin her PHD at the University of British Columbia in 2022. She is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and is a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS), which is a top-tier designation held by less than 300 Canadians allowing her to provide comprehensive financial advice to those going through a divorce.

Lindsay’s grassroots is small town Saskatchewan, and, owning a number of construction companies with her husband Ryan, she is comfortable in all settings – swapping from rubber boots, to a hard hat, to high-heels is all in days’ work. Her own experience in entrepreneurship and her education make her the ideal financial advisor to her divorce and investment clients. She specializes in business succession planning, life transition planning including not only divorce, but loss of a spouse, inheritance, etc.

She loves side-by-siding, wake surfing but wine touring is her favourite sport.


Kat Gregory

Kat has a decade of experience working in law firms and has an undeniable passion for all things legal. To her initial reluctance, she joined Lindsay Sparrow within her wealth practice where she has immersed herself in the world of finance. Clients describe Kat as dedicated, sincere, easy-to-talk-to and a great listener, who knows a crazy amount about all-things divorce and family law. Kat attended Grant MacEwan University specializing in legal studies, but it is her work with prominent lawyers over the last 10 years that has made her a negotiation and settlements expert.

Kat comes from a very large family (no joke – 12 siblings!) and it was through her family that she found a particular zeal for the law and developed her keen ability to argue. Bearing witness to all things life can throw at you, including marriage, divorce, and death of loved ones inspired her to pursue a career in advocating for those going through critical life events.

Kat originates from small town Saskatchewan, and often misses home during harvest season. Kat’s husband Brendon is a realtor in Edmonton and you can often find them walking their dog at the dog park, hiking or camping. Kat’s simple pleasure is sitting with a nice glass of wine, reading a non-finance, non-legal book.