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Every divorce is different. Book a consultation with a licensed Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist™ to get the answers you need. 

Divorce Financial Planning

We work with individuals, couples, lawyers and mediators to provide financial expertise during a divorce.

Even if your breakup is friendly, many mistakes can be made when valuing your assets. There are countless things to consider when splitting your assets. 


How we can help you

We look at both the short and long-term effects of a divorce. We’re taking into consideration what you’ll need –  not just for today but also for your future. We provide clarity on:

Should you hire a CFDS®?

Yes! Lawyers can’t provide financial advice so you need a financial expert in your corner. 

Common settlement mistakes can cost you thousands even hundreds of thousands – and the only one who can help you avoid these pitfalls and give you direct financial advice is a CFDS®


If even ONE of these examples applies to you or your former spouse, talk to a CFDS®

You can see by just these few questions how much there is to think about when splitting your finances, not to mention it will be emotional. Financial decisions driven by emotion can be costly for years after a divorce. There are so many financial considerations, so make sure you have a financial expert in your corner. Doing the extra work upfront will, quite literally, pay off in the end.  

If you own a business, how did you have it evaluated? Who came up with the numbers?

Do you have retirement savings or a pension?

Do you own property - a primary residence; rental property; a vacation home?

Did your spouse handle most of the finances and make the financial decisions?

Did you stay home to raise the family?

Was there ever an inheritance awarded to either you or your spouse?

Our 5 Step Process

Our proven process will help uncover