What a CFDS can do for a law firm


At this point, you may be asking yourself, “what the heck is a CFDS and what can they do for me or my clients?” As the Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS) designation is quite new in Canada (known as a CDFA or Certified Financial Divorce Analyst in America), I am not surprised you may not have worked with one before.

A CFDS is a financial expert that specializes in the area of divorce and division of assets. You are likely familiar with how complicated the financial aspect of a divorce can be, especially in circumstances where high net worth clients, numerous businesses, rental properties, or family trusts are involved. A CFDS will help you sort through all the financial information and provide you specific and detailed support with respect to tax implications, pension evaluation, retirement income projections, and all the one-off financial questions your clients might have. 

I will take care of gathering the financial information and documentation to form a clear picture of the financial situation. I work with you to ensure your clients are getting the financial piece of the pie they need today, but also to make sure they are set up for their future based on their own personal goals.

Allow me to help you by providing financial expertise, setting reasonable client expectations for settlement, working with your clients to lay out detailed current and post-divorce budgets, providing exhibits to support your legal arguments, and even acting as your expert witness should the need arise. You take care of the legal advice and I will take care of the financial.


About Lindsay Sparrow


Lindsay has worked as a Certified Financial Planner & Investment Advisor for the past two decades. Lindsay is a transition expert who does her best work when clients are going through a significant life change. As a Certified Financial Divorce Specialist, Lindsay makes sure her clients walk away with what is rightfully theirs. 

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